This QC resident thinks Joy Belmonte is running vs Kris Aquino

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Looks like her opponent isn’t popular enough in this side of the city.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte went to attend a special caucus with residents of a posh subdivision in district 3 of Quezon City. Of course, she again got asked about a whopping increase in real property tax which she is supposedly proposing.

Belmonte quickly denied this, saying it was just a lie being spread by her rival for the mayor’s seat to take her down.

The homeowner was relieved to hear that it was not true, but was surprised to learn that Belmonte is actually facing competition.

“Really? What’s her name nga? (pauses and thinks) Kris something right? Kris Aquino?,” the resident said, drawing chuckles from Belmonte.

That’s close enough to Crisologo!