Youth party-list welcomes Duterte’s remarks versus Canada, wants same treatment for China


Kabataan party-list on Friday said it welcomes the statements of President Rodrigo Duterte calling out the Canadian government to take back garbage that had been sent to the Philippines.

But Kabataan party-list Rep. Sarah Elago challenged the President to “act in the same manner when defending our maritime territory against Chinese incursion in the West Philippine Sea.”

“By calling for the protection of our national environment, President Duterte has shown a little bit of eagerness when it comes to protecting the sanctity of our land and seas,” she said in a statement.

“Yet, we challenge the President to act in the same manner when it comes to defending our West Philippine Sea, our local businesses, and our workers from immediate foreign interventions in our resources and economy,” Elago said.

The youth representative, however, took issue with Duterte’s threat of going to war with Canada.

“Instead of focusing on the people’s immediate issue with the on-going Chinese invasion of our seas, public resources, and businesses, Duterte is taking a side-step by focusing on the Canadian trash issue,” Elago said.

“When it comes to calling out Canada, Duterte asks as if he were the iron-fisted mayor of Davao once again. Yet when it comes to calling out China, Duterte instead holds himself back and acts as Pontius Pilate when such issues arise,” she added.

“If Duterte is sincere in his statements in calling out Canada, then he should also take action in calling out China to stop its immediate island-grabbing and sea-grabbing in the West Philippine Sea,” she said.

“He may recognize that our country should not be treated as a trash-can of foreign nations yet he must also recognize that our country is being invaded by China under his supervision,” Elago said.