Diretso dapat sa tao: Pia Cayetano wants to improve spending on public health

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Taguig City Rep. Pia Cayetano wants to improve the utilization of government funds for public health facilities nationwide to benefit more people.

Cayetano vowed to push for policies that will directly benefit the public during her visit to Compostela Valley on April 15.

“You can rest assured that, apart from the laws that we already made, we will keep on providing you with whatever intervention possible. Because sometimes, no matter how much you give, if you have limited facilities and equipment, the quality of health care services will be affected,” she said.

Cayetano, who is running for senator, said there is a need to complement the newly enacted Universal Health Care (UHC) Law by ensuring that the health facilities and services made accessible to all Filipinos are properly equipped and of great quality.

The UHC law, of which Cayetano was co-author, makes all Filipinos members of PhilHealth, thus making them eligible to preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative health care services provided by government.

“My inspiration is to work to a point where the average Filipino has access to quality health care services,” she said.