Bong Suntay shares Easter miracle in son’s tomb

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It’s as if he copied the Bible story.

Returning Quezon City Councilor Bong Suntay and his family had just spent the Holy Week break in Hong Kong to return on Sunday evening.

Straight out of the airport, the gang made the snap decision to visit their late son Renzo’s urn at a columbarium in Bonifacio Global City.

Renzo was killed via a gunshot in 2018, with initial reports saying he was cleaning his pistol at home when it happened.

Since then, Suntay has been missing him terribly, so that weekend opportunity was so welcome.

“Got out of the airport at around 8:40 pm we took our chance to visit Renzo knowing that the colombarium closes at 7 PM. Renzo must have been waiting for us when we arrived at arnd 9:22 the church door was still open. Was able to spend a little time with him and got an opportunity to take a family selfie,” Suntay said.

“By the time we went out, the lights off the church was already off and the doors right about to be closed. Thanks for waiting for us son.”

What an inspiring tale.