Pia Cayetano’s secret to endurance: Find moments to rest


No one is ever too busy for a quick breather.

Returning Senator Pia Cayetano may be known for hustling hard in both legislative work and sports. Her latest revelation, however, can change the game for others wanting to copy her very active lifestyle.

The politiko shared that she gets as much rest as she can each day, no matter how hectic her schedule is.

“As an athlete, I’m very much aware of the need for rest in between hard days of training.
But rest is something we tend to set-aside when we have busy lives. Don’t,” Cayetano said.

This way, no one gets burnout.

“Carve out downtime within the day and within the week. Downtime can be anything from a cup of tea in a quiet corner, meditating at your desk, closing your eyes and listening to nature sounds or other calming music or scribbling in your journal.”

What a life hack!