Campaign is life: This is as close Pia Cayetano can get to the beach


Sadly, she could only sneak a few minutes for a refreshing seashore walk.

Returning senator Pia Cayetano shared the sacrifice she has had to do in the middle of campaigning. The politiko was this close to the beautiful beachside of South Palms Resort in Panglao, Bohol, but the best she could do was to enjoy the view.

“Breathing in the colors of summer cause that’s all I can do for now,” Cayetano said as she shared the enticing rainbow-colored landscape by the beach, which she took before rushing off for another flight to another province.

“2 weeks ago, I slept in Bohol after a day of campaigning, walked on the beach , took this photo and had to go. And that’s fine cause there’s a time for everything.”

Anyway, she can rest once she wins that Senate seat back. For now, memories and photos will do.

“I have an arsenal of memories of long bike rides, sunset runs and delicious food in Bohol. It calls me and I’ll be back soon enough!,” she said.