Abala na, gastos pa! Manila Water’s apology costs P150M


Manila Water will give a one-time bill waiver to all of its consumers following the service interruption that affected parts of Metro Manila and Rizal earlier this month.

In a statement, Manila Water president and Chief Executive Officer Ferdinand Dela Cruz said the waiver will be applied to customers’ consumption for March.

This in turn will result to a smaller bill for Manila Water customers in April.

“We understand the profound frustration that our customers have expressed. And we sincerely apologize for the widespread inconvenience that we have caused all our customers in the East Zone concession area with this unprecedented water shortage that began on March 6, which is beyond the typical service interruption,” Dela Cruz said.

The one-time bill waiver scheme will come in two parts. One is that all Manila Water customers will receive a bill waiver of the minimum charge in their March consumption, which stands at 10 cubic meters covering water, environmental and sewer charges.

Customers who did not have water for seven straight days in barangays hit the hardest by the supply interruption will not be charged for the entire month of March.

The implementation of the bill waiver scheme will cost Manila Water a total of P150 million.

At present, close to 98 percent of Manila Water’s customers have water supply for eight to 12 hours, at least at the ground floor level for buildings, after the concessionaire implemented a rotational supply scheme that started on March 14.