Ruffy Biazon gives health tips to candidates after Chokoleit’s death

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Campaigning would be useless if you don’t live to serve your term.

Muntinlupa Rep. Ruffy Biazon gave friendly advice to fellow politikos who are out scouring barangays and streets to campaign for the May 13 elections.

The stress of long days under the sun’s heat might get the best of them, so Biazon, a medical technology graduate, shared some tips to stay healthy. He’s particularly concerned after comedian Chokoleit died from a heart attack after performing in Abra.

“Hydrate as often as you can. Take a rest whenever possible. Heed the signals your body is sending you. Take care of your health,” Biazon said.

Pushing yourself to the limit won’t work either — he tried it and failed to bounce back right away after catching a cold, losing his voice in the process.

“Take care of yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. The position is not worth sacrificing your health,” he added.