Mar Roxas as traffic aide? Erice: Kahit ano gagawin niya!

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Caloocan City Rep. Egay Erice has come to the defense of former senator Mar Roxas after President Rodrigo Duterte said he was better off being a traffic aide.

In a statement Sunday, Erice said Roxas, a senatorial candidate of the opposition “Otso Diretso” slate, is willing to do anything to serve the people.

“Mar Roxas will do anything to serve our country and people. Just like when he persevered in bringing to the country the call center industry which employs over a million Filipinos today,” he said.

“Mar Roxas will direct traffic when no one will do so to put order in a given situation, he went to the farthest most dangerous places in our country because it was needed,” the lawmaker added.

Duterte poked fun at Roxas in a speech last week, saying he should become a traffic aide as what he portrayed himself to be in commercials aired during the 2016 elections’ campaign season.