Team Abby or Team Junjun? Nancy Binay to reveal bet for Makati mayor on March 29


The feud within the Binay family has come into focus with the faceoff between siblings Abby and Junjun for mayor in the May midterm elections.

With the sibling rivalry heating up, it comes as no surprise that people are curious as to who Senator Nancy Binay supports in the mayoralty race.

In a recent interview with entertainment writers, Nancy played coy about her choice.

“Wait until the start of the campaign for local candidates and you will know,” she said, adding that she is focused on her reelection bid at the moment.

The campaign season for local posts will start on March 29.

Even though Abby and Junjun are not on good terms with each other, Nancy said she hopes to give them a copy of her book, “Make Love, Not War.”

“We have our personal differences but in spite of them, we are making effort na maayos ang lahat. At the end of the day, we are a family,” the senator said.