Dadami ang adik! Lito Atienza warns anew about legalizing medical marijuana

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Legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes will open the floodgates for its recreational use by Filipinos, Buhay party-list Rep. Lito Atienza has warned.

Atienza said legislating medical marijuana would “create demand where there is none now.”

“If we create demand through legalization, then supply will surely come in. So we will in effect be creating a whole new drug market where there is absolutely none now for medical marijuana,” he said in a statement.

A bill legalizing medical marijuana has been passed by the House of Representatives on third and final reading.

Despite studies showing that marijuana has some medicinal properties, Atienza said Filipino patients do not have a need for it.

Filipino patients already have access to the most powerful narcotic analgesics when needed,” he said. “Terminally ill cancer patients for instance have ready access to morphine injections when prescribed by physicians specially licensed by the Dangerous Drugs Board,” Atienza said.

Atienza said children suffering from complex neurodevelopmental conditions also do not need medical marijuana.

What they really need is the tender loving care of their parents and siblings,” he said.