Joy Belmonte gets dragged into Morato family’s land battle

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Suddenly, she is being slapped with random charges.

It has just been several days since Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte was accused of being corrupt for passing a city resolution said to be favoring her family, and now a new allegation has sprung up.

The politiko is suddenly being dragged into the entire property war among the children of Tomas Morato, the first mayor of c where one of the gimmick districts is namee after.

Now, the camp of Manoling Morato is accusing Belmonte of being a “land-grabber.”

Belmonte has no better explanation for the sudden theatrics other than dirty politicking.

“Hi FB Friends, I am getting very entertained here. Now I have a land-grabbing case. I thought it was graft and corruption? Ano ba talaga Tita?,” a frustrated Belmonte said.

“Can you make up your mind and stick to only one offence? Ang dami ko naman biglang kasalanan sa sambayanan samantalang for almost nine years wala kayong kibo.”

Belmonte is running as city mayor.

The election fever is definitely in the air already!