Bawal ang plastik! QC council reminds poll bets: Use environmentally-friendly campaign materials

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The Quezon City Council reminded all the local and national candidates in upcoming elections to observe the existing ordinance that prohibits the use of plastics for advertising materials within the city.

Ordinance No. SP-2202 prohibits the use of polyethylene (plastics) as advertisement and propaganda materials in Quezon City. It penalizes violators of notice of violation for the first offense; a fine of P3,000 and three-day community service for second offense; and P5, 000 fine and three-day community service for the third offense.

Any company caught selling, transporting or in possession of the prohibited propaganda materials for use or installation in Quezon City will be fined anywhere from P3, 000 up to P5, 000 . They will also be in danger of losing their Mayor’s Permit to Operate.

Local offices handling environment-related concerns were recently asked by several councilors to remove and confiscate campaign materials posted especially on electric wires and cables.

Councilors Victor Ferrer Jr., Eufemio Lagumbay, Ranulfo Ludovica, Allan Francisco and Allan Benedict Reyes also appealed to candidates to be responsible in displaying their advertisements as those posted in banned areas will be removed.