What’s your color? QC City Hall employees urged to follow dress code for Valentine’s Day

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Red isn’t the only color of love as far as one department of the Quezon City Hall is concerned.

The General Services Department (GSD) has urged its personnel to show their relationship by following a dress code for Valentine’s Day on Thursday.

The colors for each relationship status is as follows:

Red: Taken/ in love
Black: Brokenhearted
White: Like a virgin
Pink: Strike everywhere/ no string attached/ game
Purple: Single but contented
Green: Hard to move on
Brown: In a secret intimacy
Gray: “Tuliro”
Blue: In a long distance relationship/ close friends
Yellow: Waiting since birth
Orange: Taken for granted
Office Uniform: Kill Joy

GSD’s chief, Engr. Ricardo Aureo, said the dress code was for the employees’ “information, guidance and fun.”

For sure, it’s a colorful day at the GSD’s office today!