Abby Binay to haters: ‘Sa akin ang huling halakhak’

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All the sad and worried nights will all be worth it.

Mayor Abigail Binay admitted that her politiko rivals and critics would sometimes take a toll on her. She even confessed that she would sometimes cry at night after a gruelling day.

With a clearer head and a brighter disposition, the politiko said she can definitely pull through and savor the last laugh.

“People have hurt me, kicked me to the curb and tried their best to put me down. I cry myself to sleep and ask why are there people like them but I always get up and keep going. I know that tomorrow things will be better. I know that these hardships will only make me stronger. I know I will end up on top laughing. Sa akin ang huling halakhak,” Binay said with a wide smile.