Charisse Abalos shares tale of Razorback’s Brian Velasco

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It was an opportunity to get more people to understand mental health concerns.

Mandaluyong Councilor Charisse Abalos-Vargas went on to share a heartfelt explanation offered by the girlfriend of the late Razorback drummer Brian Velasco, who passed away on Jan. 16 in an apparent suicide.

Abalos, who has been actively advocating mental health awareness, shared the lengthy account written by Velasco’s beau Portia Carlos who called for a deeper understanding into the fallen musician.

Carlos explained that the drummer had been battling bipolar disorder, which caused extreme mood swings if left without constant medication.

“Worth the read. This is why we need to heighten mental health awareness,” Abalos said as she shared snippets about the explainer.

Her key takeaway: Be kind, don’t judge.