An HS classmate predicted Joy Belmonte will be a politiko. Here’s why

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Her high school legacy was getting their school road paved.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte took a trip down memory lane when she visited her alma mater to attend the wake of her former teacher. While there, she passed by a road inside campus which was apparently a project of hers back when she was president of the student council.

“This road used to be an unpaved, muddy and stony path. As kids, we’d get our shoes all dirty when we’d walk on it to get to class. When I was elected Student Council President in my senior year, one of my goals was to have this path paved. So I asked a contractor what it took to get it done,” Belmonte shared.

She didn’t stop there: “I then requested every kid in school to donate cash, a bag of cement or a bag of gravel. I also organized a lot of fundraisers. Just before graduation day, we inaugurated this cemented road and unveiled a plaque on which the names of my Council are engraved.”

She was thrilled to see that the said road still looked good as new nearly 30 years later. One of her classmates made sure to include this legacy on Belmonte’s yearbook caption, saying that this was a landmark of a future politiko.

“Di pa nga nagtatapos sa pag-aaral, nagpapasemento na ng kalye,” the caption went.

Perfect foresight!