Joy Belmonte’s son inspired QC milk bank

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Her own experience as a mother got her onto this advocacy.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte greeted her son Gael for his 10th birthday on Jan. 15. While he grew up all well and smart — borderline genius, in fact — it was far from his condition as a baby.

Belmonte recalled that her only son was born premature and had slim chances of survival. He also struggled as a baby after she couldn’t produce enough breastmilk.

Thankfully he went to grow up just fine, but the politiko saw this as an opportunity to help fellow struggling moms.

“Because of this experience, she later established a Human Milk Bank together with her colleagues at the QC General Hospital to supply breastmilk for free or at a socialized price to babies at risk. Today, this milk bank has saved the lives of hundreds of sick and premature babies,” Belmonte said.

She also vowed to take Gael to the Quezon City General Hospital to show how his life inspired helping others.