Joy Belmonte rants: Why are people afraid of change?

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People ask for change but hate actual reforms.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte of Quezon City revealed a secret about her frustrations as a politiko.

As much as people always clamor for change, they actually shut it down whenever the prospect of real reform hovers near.

“Here in our country, ‘pagbabago’ has become a much abused word. I find it amusing that many people equate change simply with a change in persons or to be more specific, simply a change in families. But as experts will tell you, real change is about changes in systems, changes in an organization’s culture, changes in the way things are done,” Belmonte said. “When we view change in this way, people actually don’t like change. They resist change.”

It’s quite a puzzle for the politiko, saying that most residents actually buckle when real change beckons. This, she said, is the huge challenge facing her as she runs as city mayor.

“Good leaders challenge the status quo, because it is only by doing this that real change – long term and sustainable – the change that leads to genuine progress – can take place.”