Joy Belmonte traces Ilokano roots


She was thrilled to see the famous Ilocos empanada to her name.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte may be a city girl, but she happily traced her family’s roots farther north just to ride the “Manang Joy” brand of the iconic orange savory meal.

“Salamat sa mga Ilocano. Ang mga ninuno ng angkang Belmonte (lolo’s side) ay taga Santa, Ilocos Sur na bayan sa tabi ng Vigan, at ang mga ninuno ng angkang Racimo (lola’s side) ay taga Vintar. ilocos Norte,” the politiko said after stumbling upon the food stall.

“I am very grateful for my Ilocano heritage, my Bicolano ties (see previous days’ post), my Nueva Ecijano roots and my Chinese ancestry (mother’s side). But I am a proud child of Quezon City – born, raised, married, living and working in QC.”