Santa Mayora! Over 300k Makati residents get Christmas goodie bags from Abby Binay

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Makati City Mayor Abby Binay is spreading holiday cheer just like Santa Claus by giving Christmas goodie bags to residents.

Binay on Monday led the distribution of Pamaskong Handog bags for residents so they will have treats to share with their families on Christmas Day.

The bags contain two t-shirts, several varieties of canned goods, a pack each of uncooked pasta and spaghetti sauce, a can of fruit cocktail, condensed milk and all purpose cream, and cheese.

Separate Pamaskong Handog bags have also been prepared by the city government for distribution to students. A bag contains a t-shirt and various food items such as instant oatmeal and arroz caldo, biscuits and full cream milk.

Around 322,000 Pamaskong Handog bags will be distributed to residents and students this year.

The giving of Christmas goodie bags was a tradition that Binay continued from her father, former Vice President Jejomar Binay, when he was mayor of Makati City.