Here’s how Pia Cayetano consoled kids from Naga landslide

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It may sound simple, but it was an instant mood lifter.

Former Senator now Taguig Rep. Pia Cayetano made sure to come to the rescue after hearing about the deadly landslide in Naga City, Cebu.

The politiko went to check on residents and rounded up the kids there to try and help them recover from their loss. Cayetano took some tips from her daughter Max on how to give “psychological first-aid” to the little ones.

Her quick fix was to bring bubble-blowing toys.

“I understand that concept and believe that children need to be children. Children must be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of childhood despite difficult times. Blowing bubbles is one of them. Even the adults enjoyed it,” Cayetano said.

“Perhaps, they could for that moment in time, forget the pain and hardships they’ve been through.”

How unique!