Kesa masagasaan sa EDSA: MMDA says safer to use ‘buwis buhay’ footbridge along NIA road

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The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has defended the construction of a P10-million footbridge along EDSA-NIA road amid the criticism it has drawn from netizens for its odd design.

In a document titled “Justification,” MMDA said the footbridge “can provide a safe and convenient walkway” for pedestrians crossing EDSA-NIA Road.

The agency noted that pedestrians usually have no choice but to cross EDSA to get to the other side since the nearest walkways in the area are located along Quezon Avenue and Kamuning.

“[P]edestrians force themselves to cross the road, which oftentimes cause them to [experience] vehicular accidents,” the MMDA said.

The agency said data from its Road Safety Unit shows there have been 11 pedestrian-related accidents related along EDSA-NIA Road, three of which were fatal.

The period for recording the accidents, however, was not specified.

The MMDA said building the footbridge was necessary “to control pedestrian traffic.”

“Footbridges are safer places to cross the street; preserves vehicles’ carrying capacity of the roadway and reduces the severity and number of accident occurrences,” it said.

The footbridge, located near the MRT-3’s GMA-Kamuning station, is steep since it has to be away from the power lines of railway system.

Some critics say the stairway is too high that pedestrians may be daunted to cross it.

The footbridge is set to be opened to the public on November 15.