‘Document-nap’ for ransom: New extortion modus at QC Hall bared

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From subtly asking for grease money from businessmen, some corrupt officials of the Quezon City Hall have moved up to “kidnapping” their documents in exchange for ransom.

The corrupt officials’ new modus was bared by Philippine Star columnist Boo Chanco, who got the information from an acquaintance trying to get a building permit from City Hall.

In his Monday column, Chanco shared that his acquaintance was told that her documents “were kidnapped for ransom” days after she submitted them.

“After filing the necessary documents, she was asked to return after a few days. When she returned, they couldn’t find her documents. Someone also in line to transact told her that her documents were kidnapped for ransom,” he said.

Chanco said the woman was told that if she gave a ransom, the documents will reappear.

Since Chanco’s acquaintance does not want to coddle the corrupt officials, she just submitted a new set of documents to the department.

It’s unknown, however, if she managed to get the building permit.