Libing pa more! Bayani Fernando measures tombs at Barangka Cemetery for expansion project

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All Saints’ Day might be over, but Marikina City Rep. Bayani Fernando found it timely to visit the Barangka Cemetery on Sunday for an upcoming project.

Armed with a tape measure, Fernando got the sizes of the so-called “apartment-type” tombs at the cemetery for the reference of the engineers working on the dike improvement project for the Marikina River.

Alongside increasing the dike’s height, construction workers tapped by Fernando will add 20,000 more slots for “apartment-style” tombs at the Barangka Cemetery.

The planned expansion of the cemetery will be done along the dike’s stretch from Calumpang to the Marikina Riverbanks.

Hopefully, the project will be finished by All Saints’ Day next year so that residents do not have to go far to visit their deceased loved ones.