Joy Belmonte recounts Berna Puyat’s failed venture in QC politics

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The city would have probably progressed faster if she led it.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte welcomed her dear friend Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat who visited the city for the opening of QCinema.

There, Belmonte revived Puyat’s failed politiko journey, as she once ran as Congresswoman of the first district. She lost, but Belmonte considers it as a huge “what if.”

“Before becoming one of the nation’s most influential people and one of the most hard-working, enduring and effective government officials around, she ran for public office in the 1st District of Quezon City. She was a magna cum laude professor from UP and was serving under HUDCC. But in the tradition of old politics, she fell victim to fake news, and character assassination by her opponent, even having been called a Drug Addict, when she had never even touched the stuff,” the politiko shared.

“But I often wonder what would have happened had the people of District 1 been more critical and discerning with their choice then. That district would perhaps be the most progressive among our six districts now with this wonder woman at the helm. But one district’s loss became the nation’s gain.”

It all worked out to Puyat’s favor, as she is now part of the Duterte Cabinet working for a grander cause. How inspiring!