Family over politics: Joy Belmonte confirms Bistek won’t run for Congress in 2019

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Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte has confirmed that Mayor Herbert Bautista will not be running for Congress in the 2019 elections.

In a Facebook post, Belmonte said Bautista decided to prioritize his children over politics since he did not have enough time with them as mayor.

“He frequently told me of his dreams to travel with them to countries all over the world that they had never had a chance to visit due to his duties and responsibilities as a public servant,” she said.

Belmonte denied that Bautista did not file his certificate of candidacy for congressional representative of Quezon City’s fourth district because he did not obtain a certificate of nomination and acceptance from his party, the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC).

Bautista was touted as the successor of Belmonte’s father, Feliciano Jr., as congressman of the Quezon City’s fourth district since he decided to retire from politics.

“A tabloid even said the NPC issued a CONA to someone else. For the record, it did not, as the NPC CONA was reserved for him. Let those intrigues be put to rest,” Belmonte said.

The vice mayor, who is running to take Bautista’s place at the city hall, thanked him for his service.

“We wish the Mayor happiness and salute him for not being attached to power, money or position as other politicians tend to be. Family is, after all, everything,” Belmonte said.