Joy Belmonte’s husband receives warm welcome from Inday Sara in Davao


Plot twist: the Presidential daughter didn’t even know he was the husband.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte’s husband Raymund Alimurung was thrilled to report to her how he scored a meet-and-greet with no less than Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio during a business trip to Davao City.

Alimurung, who is the newly-minted CEO of Lazada Philippines, was there for work. Belmonte and Carpio have grown close especially after Quezon City and Davao became sister cities. But this meeting was totally unplanned.

“Walang appointment kay Mayor Inday Sara but she’s there to welcome and thank him because she knows the company he works for will provide jobs for her constituents. Thank you for being such a great role model of governance Mayor Inday Sara,” Belmonte shared as she posted a photo.

“I wasn’t with him during this courtesy visit so she had no idea he was married to me.”