When in Davao: Durian, pomelo a must for Ruffy Biazon

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The foul odor of the fruit is actually comforting for him.

Muntinlupa Rep. Ruffy Biazon never visits Davao City without dropping by the Magsaysay Park Fruit Market to get a fill of pomelo and durian. More than indulging on the sweet taste, the politiko feels nostalgic whenever these fruits are in sight — or within smell, to be exact.

This traces back to his father, then-Marine Commander Ruffy Biazon and the 1980s insurgency in Mindanao.

“My father would only come home a few days a month, the rest of which he spent in Davao City where soldiers and policemen were gunned down indiscriminately by rebel hit men. Understandably , we were constantly anxious about his safety, always wondering if he will come home alive or in a box. Our consolation is that he comes home every month and along with him he brought back fruits from Davao City—-pomelo and durian,” the politiko shared.

“Because of that, I associated the smell of durian with the pleasant thought that my father was home, alive and well.”

What a touching tale!