Life goals! 2 centenarians get P100K cash gift from Abby Binay

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The birthdays of two centenarians in Makati City just got more special after they received a P100,000 cash gift from Mayor Abby Binay.

The mayor personally visited Mamerta Aquino and Cipriana Caballero this week at their homes in Barangays Cembo and Bel Air, respectively, to hand them the check.

Binay also gave the two centenarians flower bouquets and plaques of recognition.

To date, 50 Makati centenarians have been awarded the P100,000 cash gift since the passage of City Ordinance No. 2012-099 in 2012.

The ordinance entitles senior citizens living in Makati City to a one-time P100,000 cash gift upon reaching 100 years old provided they are a a Blu Card and White Card holder for at least five years.