Candos of QC launch Oplan Dog-hang vs stray pets

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This barangay is taking the campaign versus stray animals to a whole new level.

Christian Cando, captain of Barangay Capri in Novaliches, Quezon City, had a novel idea to push residents to be responsible pet owners.

Cando, together with relatives Kagawads Arnie and Agnes Cando, launched the Oplan “Dog”Hang, a direct allusion to the tokhang agenda against drug users.

“Wag nang manlaban, isuko na ang alagang hayop,” the campaign slogan goes, where the politikos want owners of stray pets to just surrender the animals in order to prevent them from dirtying the streets.

This was quick to earn the ire of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, which condemned the project for “encouraging violent acts towards animals” in the name of animal control.

Netizens weren’t too happy about it, either.