Vico Sotto disappointed as Pasig councilors cool to FOI proposal

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Awkward would be an understatement.

Newbie Councilor Vico Sotto had grand and noble plans to elevate public service in Pasig City. He was so into his idea of a transparent city hall that he was stunned after his proposal appeared to have fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes.

“I gave my draft Committee Report to the committee members last week. 2 (out of 4) expressed some apprehensions; none have signed yet,” the politiko shared after their meeting.

He pointed out that they had “some awkward moments” when the Pasig Transparency Ordinance did not move forward.

“To be fair to my colleagues, we maintained a spirit of collegiality,” Sotto said, trying to be civil about it.

Will he get a second chance? Abangan.