Walwal pa more! Joy Belmonte gets drunk in Armenia

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She didn’t expect that wine could have an impact this strong.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte represented Quezon City to an environmental conference all the way in Armenia.

She was enjoying discussions on sustainability with fellow delegates and politikos from all over the world that she got carried away during the socials.

Belmonte suddenly found herself red-faced and glassy-eyed as she downed three glasses of wine, which was well beyond her alcohol threshold.

0Since I have a low tolerance for alcohol but just couldn’t resist trying the highest quality decades-old cellar-aged wine in Yerevan, i drank three glasses of different varieties of wine and turned all red and dizzy that I almost passed out,” the politiko shared as she took a selfie to mark the moment.

“Thank you to the Mayors that helped me get back to my old self by giving me lots of water and chocolates.”

How helpful!