Lakas maka-bagets! Len Len Oreta tries out cool inventions at DOST ‘traveling’ science fair

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Malabon City Mayor Antolin “Len Len” Oreta experienced what it was like to look at the world through a kid’s eyes when the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) held its “traveling” science fair at the Malabon Elementary School last month.

Together with wife Melissa, Oreta tried out various inventions to experience scientifically-proven tricks.

The mayor’s body appeared to be missing when he tried out the invention called “Head on a Platter,” which featured mirrors on the side of a table.

In a Facebook post, Oreta said the science fair organized by DOST had the “lakas maka-bagets” vibe.

“Natuto na, nag-enjoy pa! Totoo talaga na ‘Learning is fun,’” he said.

The fair, which was held at the Malabon Elementary School from August 29 to 31, was held by DOST in partnership with the Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology and Department of Education.