Dakilang sipsip! Villarin: De Castro appointed CJ for doing Duterte’s bidding


Akbayan party-list Rep. Tom Villarin believes Supreme Court Associate Justice Teresita De Castro was appointed Chief Justice not because of merit, but for her role in ousting her predecessor, Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Villarin on Saturday (August 25) scored De Castro’s appointment as proof that the rule of law has fallen to a new low under the Duterte administration.

“Never in the history of modern democracy that such blatant disregard for decency was shown than in this case. It was a classic case of patronage where I scratch your back, you scratch mine,” he said in a statement.

De Castro testified against Sereno in the hearings conducted by the House of Representatives last year on the impeachment complaint she faced.

The new Chief Justice was also one of the eight magistrates who voted to oust Sereno by granting the quo warranto petition filed against her last May.

For Villarin, De Castro’s appointment was clearly a reward “for a job well done” because Sereno lost her post.

“With less than two months to hold office, Justice de Castro’s reign as chief magistrate inexcusably is the most tasteless award for any member of the bar wanting to make a name in the judiciary,” he said.