War on evacuation shelters heats up: QC upstages Marikina, Makati with ‘pop huts’

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The local government of Quezon City showed it can come up with decent shelter for evacuees after the cities of Marikina and Makati drew praises for their modular tents at evacuation centers.

The Quezon City Public Affairs Department on Monday shared photos of the “pop huts” set up at a covered court in Barangay Silangan for the evacuees.

Based on the photos, the huts appeared to be made up of plastic with steel frames. They are also larger and have roofs and windows.

In comparison, the modular tents in Marikina and Makati do not have roofs. They are made up of canvas that are held up by wires,

Given Quezon City’s population, it is unknown how many “pop huts” the local government bought for evacuation centers.