Ansabe Bistek? Marikina, Makati put QC to shame with tents for evacuees

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A netizen is asking the local government of Quezon City where the residents’ taxes are going in light of the southwest monsoon that continues to affect Metro Manila way past the weekend.

Netizen Manzo Noel’s question was prompted by photos circulating online of the modular tents used in Makati City and Marikina City by the evacuees.

The tents, which can comfortably fit up to seven people, are placed in evacuation centers to give evacuees– particularly families– some privacy.

Given Quezon City’s humongous revenues, Noel couldn’t help but ask: “Qc ano na? Walang pambili ng shelter para sa mga nangangailangan saten? Mag labas naman kayo ng totoong budget, as in totoong budget.”

We hope Mayor Herbert Bautista answers the netizens question– or better yet, buy tents for the city.