De Lima warns about rise of ‘passengers for hire’ due to MMDA’s ban on single-passenger vehicles

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Some people might take advantage of the Metro Manila Development Authority’s plan to ban single-passenger vehicles on EDSA by presenting themselves as “passengers for hire,” Senator Leila De Lima said on Saturday.

De Lima urged the MMDA to reconsider its plan and “abandon its bad habit on experimenting” on solutions to solve the traffic congestion along EDSA.

“While carpooling may be commendable, this plan prohibiting driver-only vehicles along EDSA could give rise to paid car jockeys who are more than willing to risk their own safety by getting into the cars of strangers just to earn money,” she said in a statement.

The Metro Manila Council composed of city mayors approved earlier this week the MMDA’s High Occupancy Vehicle regulation, which aims to ban single-passenger vehicles along EDSA on unspecified peak hours.

Under the directive, only vehicles with two or more passengers will be allowed to pass through EDSA.

The MMDA said it is pushing through with the dry run of the new traffic scheme despite criticism from motorists.

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