Militant solons blast DBM for excluding funds for promotion of SUC personnel

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Two lawmakers have scored the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for scrapping the funds for the promotion of faculty in state universities and colleges (SUCs) in the proposed 2019 National Expenditure Program.

ACT Teachers party-list Rep. Antonio Tinio said the DBM did not include the amount of Php 2.91 billion in the 2019 National Expenditure Program (NEP) which will be used supposedly to fund the partial implementation of Cycle 7A (2013-2016) of the National Budget Circular (NBC) 461 for 107 out of 114 SUCs.

NBC 461 is the system of evaluation and promotion of SUC teaching and non-teaching personnel which proposed by the Duterte administration to Congress during President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address last July 23.

“It is ironic that DBM flouts that the 2019 budget focuses on human capital development particularly on education, but it slashed the proposed funding for the promotion and career development of SUC personnel which will raise the quality of tertiary education,” said Tinio.

Rep. France Castro for her part said the representatives of faculty and non-teaching personnel lamented that the SUCs’ proposals for funds for faculty promotion were not considered in the NEP because the DBM is effecting a moratorium on the implementation of NBC 461.

“To sit on promotion when promotion is due, is not fair and just for faculty who have dedicated their lives in the service of our country…to fulfill their calling and vocation in shaping the hearts and minds of the youth,” said Castro.

She said that some representatives coming from several SUCs in Region III have signed a resolution calling for the lifting of this moratorium and appealing for the integration of Php 2.19 billion in the 2019 budget.

“We will push for the inclusion of P2.91 billion in the budgets of SUCs. To bolster quality public higher education, it is only necessary that we invest in our faculty,” said Castro.

Castro explained that the increase in the salary of the faculty through NBC 461 will faculty members face the problems of inflation, rising cost of living and at the same time will have a significant effect in boosting of the morale of the faculty which in turn will result in better and productive performance.

“We demand the inclusion in the 2019 budget of the funds for promotion of teaching personnel,” said Castro.