Zero homicide cases in a year: QCPD records ‘significant’ drop in crime

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The Quezon City Police District has recorded a huge drop in crimes on the back of its relentless anti-criminality and illegal drug operations.

Data shows that only 342 cases of crimes were recorded last July. This was 33.85 percent lower than the 517 recorded in the same month in 2017.

There was no recorded case for homicide last month compared to five cases in the same period of comparison.

Meanwhile, only two murder cases were recorded in July this year compared to a high of 37 cases in July last year or a decrease by 95.59 percent.

The crimes covered by QCPD’s tally were: murder, homicide, physical injury, rape, robbery, theft and carnapping of motorcycle and motor vehicles.

Cases of physical injury dropped from 104 to 83 year on year, while only 12 cases of rape were recorded from 15 over the same period.

Robbery also decreased by 16.84 percent, with 79 cases in July 2018 from 95 cases in July last year.

Theft cases went down by 35.75 percent drom a high of 221 incidents in 2017 to only 142 in July 2018.

Quezon City Police District Director Chief Superintendent Joselito Esquivel said that while the decrease in crimes was “significant,” the local police will not be complacent.

“We continue to be aggressive in our campaign against criminality and illegal drugs; not to mention the sustained enforcement of laws and city ordinances as well as strong policy on PNP Internal Cleansing to rid the organization of scalawags,” he said.