DOTR blames delayed overhaul of MRT coaches for leaky train

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The Department of Transportation has blamed the leaking of water from an airconditioning unit inside a Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) train on the delay in the system’s overhaul.

The DOTr issued a statement explaining the leak on Wednesday after a video showing passengers opening their umbrellas to shield themselves from the leak went viral.

“The DOTr MRT-3 sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience brought to passengers by a leak from one MRT-3 airconditioning unit (ACU) yesterday afternoon,” it said.

The DOTr said the MRT-3’s ACUs were last replaced in 2008 as part of the system’s 1st general overhaul since the repairs happen every eight years.

“As of Nov. 2017, when the DOTr terminated MRT-3’s previous maintenance provider, only 3 out of MRT-3’s 72 train cars have been overhauled,” it said.

The DOTr said the new airconditioning units it procured for the MRT-3 are set to arrive within the month.