Serious pro-federalism groups should be offended by Mocha’s stunt, Vico Sotto says

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If anything, the lewd dance will help weed out the legitimate from the blind flock.

Pasig Councilor Vico Sotto spoke up about the crassy dance which sexy star turned Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson whipped up to promote federalism.

The young Sotto said this should really anger the real advocates of federalism, much like how Senator Koko Pimentel reacted to the issue.

“That ~creative~ dance aside, if we look at a lot of the pro federalism talks going on, sincere federalism advocates SHOULD be disappointed. So many misleading arguments, mainly coming from those who A)dont really understand/ BLIND FAITH or B)are just in it for PERSONAL INTERESTS,” the politiko said.

It’s time to check how interest groups reacted to it. Alin ang totoo?