Charisse Abalos bids adieu to dog Brad


It hurt like losing a long-time best friend.

Councilor Charisse Abalos-Vargas of Mandaluyong was left devastated after her dog Brad passed away.

The politiko had him as a pet for 13 long years and was in despair after she realized that her dog has grown old and sickly.

“I’ve been on a roller coaster ride for months now. You started showing signs of deterioration. Despite my best efforts of keeping you healthy, your trachea still collapsed,” Abalos said, but reminisced all the good memories they shared.

“Any dog owner wouldn’t ask for anything more. You were the sweetest, kindest, and most behaved dog I’ve ever had.”

“You were my constant in the last 13 years. Your passing will surely leave a big void in my life. Only time can somewhat relieve me of this pain, but I at least know you had a good life. Run free, my baby! Thank you for everything. I love you, Brad,” she added as her farewell.