Anakpawis Rep. Casilao: Charter change paves way for Duterte dictatorship

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A militant solon on Friday urged the public to oppose any moves by the Duterte administration to postpone next year’s mid-term polls to pave way for the country’s proposed shift to federalism.

“The people should oppose any attempt of Duterte allies to move the 2019 mid-term election to 2022 ostensibly to extend the terms of incumbent elected officials using their on-going push for charter change,” said Anakpawis Rep. Ariel Casilao.

Casilao said ​C​harter change ​was​ basically paving the road for the “Duterte dictatorship.”

“Duterte has a super majority in the Lower House and wields great influence over the Senate. With the high court having successfully ousted former CJ Sereno via a Quo Warranto instigated by Duterte, the only obstacle left for his absolute rule is our constitution which is now the target of an insidious attempt to amend,” said Casilao.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez brought up the idea of postponing the 2019 mid-term polls since the Duterte Administration is bent on pursuing Charter Change (Cha-Cha), adding that Congress’ schedule is tight to focus on changing the 1987 Constitution if the filing of the certificates of candidacy will start in October.

The militant solon stressed that Filipinos “should reject any attempt of the Duterte government to change our constitution” to tailor fit a dictatorial regime to amass further power.

“We should unite and support initiatives against Duterte and his allies to change the constitution for self-serving purpose,” Casilao added.