Di na squatter: Erap awards land titles to informal settlers


Some informal settlers in Metro Manila will now have a place they can call home.

This after Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada awarded land certificates to 111 families that have been illegally occupying privately owned lots on Canonigo St. in Paco, Manila.

“The new land owners of Canonigo Estate may now call themselves true owners of the lot,” Estrada said.

The lot, which was formerly a property of the Philippine Columbian Association, was acquired on Oct. 2, 2008 through City Ordinance 7704 and adopted on June 27, 1989, at the cost of P23.2 million. The 4,842.90-square meter lot is in Barangay 824, Zone 89, Paco, Manila.

The politiko personally awarded certified true copies of City Tenants Security Committee (CTSC), the city government’s land distribution program under Resolution No. 002-2018, adopting the Approved Subdivision Plan of property under PSD 079041.

Estrada said the adoption of the subdivision plan by the CTSC will pave the way for the total development of the property, which had long been awaited by its residents.

He then vowed to give lots to more Manileños, especially the poor families, under the Land for the Landless Program the city government has implemented since he assumed the mayoralty in 2013.

Under the program, the awardees are given 20 to 30 years to pay for the lots at affordable rates.