Rex Gatchalian gets lugaw fix thanks to Twitter

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Ask and you shall receive.

Mayor Rexlon Gatchalian has discovered just how powerful social media can get. The politiko was up early to monitor weather conditions and eventually declare class suspensions in Valenzuela.

After his 4 a.m. announcement, the politiko went to tweet that he was craving for lugaw (rice porridge) amid the cold weather.

The online gods responded hours later to grant his wish. By 9:30 a.m., a delivery man from Nancy’s Lugawan came knocking at his door.

“Salamat sa pinadala niyo na lugaw, lumpia at quek quek…perfect for the weather,” a happy Gatchalian tweeted. “By the way before shot po yan…sa totoo ubos na yan! Sarap…one of the best lugaw in Valenzuela!”

Is he the newest social media influencer in the city?