Tulong din pag may time: Belmonte urges village chiefs to help disciplining ‘tambays’

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Do your share in disciplining loiterers.

This is the advice of Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte to newly-elected barangay officials to maintain peace and order in her city.

Belmonte said the barangay officials could aid the policemen to implement disciplinary actions on those who loiter in the streets especially at night.

“Actually, disciplining community members should be in the hands of the barangays,” she said.

The lady politiko noted that collaboration between police and village chiefs could be instrumental in alleviating the burden faced by


“Disciplinary measures can already be implemented at the barangay level and no longer at the level of the police officers,” she said.

Belmonte shared that she has talked to Quezon City Police District Chief Supt. Joselito Esquivel Jr. to clarify the nationwide directive on loiterers.

“He said the campaign is not actually against loiterers per se but against violators of city ordinances, including for example walking around in public places naked, or gambling publicly, or smoking publicly, or violating disciplinary hours,” she said.