Lodi si Rody! Marikina Mayor wants to copy Davao’s style of leadership


Who wouldn’t want to make his city as peaceful and orderly as Davao City?

Marikina City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro is one of the politikos who admires the leadership of President Duterte, who had been a long time mayor of Davao.

Teodoro recently signed a sister city agreement with Davao noting that he wanted to adopt the city’s “strong government.”

The signed agreement aims to promote and expand the cultural and commercial ties of Marikina City and Davao City.

“Marikina City and Davao City have parallelism. Both [cities] have order. There is no sidewalk vending in Marikina City. Waste management is very effective here. Also, anti-littering [is effective]. If you would notice, there is no trash anywhere,” Teodoro said.

He added that Marikina City also provides the basic services for the people, including housing and other fundamental infrastructures that maintain order, just like Davao City.

“You cannot implement anti-jaywalking if you will not provide pedestrian lanes in its proper places. You cannot implement unloading/loading areas if there are no allocated places for the purpose,” he said.