Baba ng standards? Vico Sotto questions SWS survey on democracy

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Pinoys deserve better than this.

Pasig Councilor Vico Sotto could not fathom how 78 percent of Filipinos said they are “satisfied” with how the current government is performing, according to the Social Weather Stations.

The young Sotto pointed out the glaring problems faced by the administration which respondents appear to have skillfully ignored.

“The culture of corruption & impunity remain strong. Our elections are set-up in a way that unfairly favors the already powerful, with practices like vote-buying & violence commonplace. The odds are stacked against the poor. Why are we satisfied?,” the politiko vented on Twitter.

“This isn’t just about the President or 1 person/party. This is about our democratic institutions, even culture. A system (eg.) where a person goes to a government office for medical assistance, but nothing happens w/o a politician’s endorsement (patronage),” Sotto added.

Are you satisfied with how things are?