Joy Belmonte, Abby Binay are each other’s rock during rainy season

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They have become a solid support system in deciding on the fate of classes during typhoons.

Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte vividly remembers all the bashing and hate she got on social media some years ago when she refused to suspend classes despite heavy rains.

Only Quezon City and Makati students went to school that day, and with disastrous results as rains came pouring. It was a bad call from both Belmonte and Mayor Abigail Binay, but they have stood by that decision.

Now, the two politikos are proud to have each other’s back whenever rains hit.

“Once, Mayor Aby and I (as acting mayor) were the only ones that didn’t declare ‘no classes’ for exactly the same reason: the Pag-Asa weather report that simply said ‘light to moderate rains’,” Belmonte recalled.

“Today, for lack of any other issues, my political rivals still use this event as the number one reason to demonstrate my incompetence to lead this city.”

“Still, believe it or not, what comforted me most during that challenging time was a simple text from Mayor Aby Binay. She simply texted me: ‘Girl, it take guts to do what we both did.’”

Their bond is solid after that hurdle!